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Worcester District Medical Society Officers 2019 - 2020:

President: Spiro Spanakis, DO
Vice President: Giles Whalen, MD
Secretary: Marianne Felice, MD
Treasurer: Dale Magee, MD
Orator: Lynn Eckhert, MD


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Worcester Medicine, The official
bi-monthly publication of WDMS, addressing important healthcare issues facing central Massachusetts

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Celebrating over 190 TV shows, Health Matters, produced in a ½ hour interview format, offers valuable information on disease prevention and treatment options.

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Worcester District Medical Society


The Worcester District Medical Society began a Spoken History Project in 1995 to record the experiences of practicing physicians through the ages. This project is currently overseen by Dr. Dale Magee, with the interviews generally being performed by medical students.

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Worcester District Medical Society
Annual Orations Web Page

Visit WDMS Annual Orations to
view a list of distinguished orators
from 1795 - 2020 with a brief synopsis of
each oration (if available).

A co-operative effort between the
Worcester District Medical Society
and the Lamar Soutter Library.


The Union Medical Association was officially established at Blackstone Village, Mendon, Massachusetts, on May 12, 1834 by local doctors Hiram Allen, Abel Wilder, Metcalf Marsh, Ariel Ballou and Moses D. Southwick. The goal of the Union Medical Association was to maintain and advance the medical knowledge of its members. This collection includes reports and transcripts of lectures on interesting medical cases, new remedies, medical ethics, and statistics created from 1834 to 1858 by the Association’s members. Also included in this collection are autograph letters of different French, English, and American physicians dated 1758 - 1836. Currently, the original papers of the Union Medical Association are the part of the Worcester District Medical Society collection housed at the Worcester Historical Museum.

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Being Sent on Behalf of Dr. Michael Hirsh

Dear WDMS members,

This is a difficult time for our city, our region, our Commonwealth and the Nation. Covid19 challenges have caused restrictions and ordinances like we have not experienced since probably the age of polio. I just wanted to emphasize that physicians will find their practices stressed with the worried well, parents and patients suffering the effects of isolation and fear, and the elderly facing loss of autonomy, orientation and continuity of care.

The City Manager of Worcester, Ed Augustus, directed me as the Public Information Officer of our Coronavirus Incident Command Structure, to ensure that our WDMS medical community is kept abreast of the latest information known about Covid19 and to also hear what obstacles or problems you are experiencing. I have attached our Covid19 information handout. I urge you to access our website  www.worcesterma.gov/health which is linked to the CDC website.

The Worcester Dept. of Public Health is helping to staff our Emergency Operations Center and are working hard to be a resource for you. We have an Information Line that can provide support at 508 799 1019.

Thanks for everything you are doing to keep our community Healthy and Safe. 

One last thing - the social distancing that everyone is discussing is in my opinion an inappropriate appellation. We want physical distancing true, but we want social connectivity through the internet, social media and phone calls. Any capability that your offices can provide with telephone call ins telemedical evaluations or calling hours will help greatly with reducing the sense of isolation. Please join our City and our Central MA. Regional Public Health Alliance to blunt the uptick of these cases and maintain the social fabric of our community as well as our medical providers.

Sincerely yours, 
Mike Hirsh, MD

Medical Director of the Worcester Division of Public Health and the Central MA. Regional Public Health Alliance 

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If you wish to donate to the WDMS Scholarship Fund, your contribution will help to support the next generation of physicians.





Thank you for helping make the Gala a great success.  Click here to view our video.


The History of the Worcester District Medical Society (WDMS):

In 1954 Dr. Paul F. Bergin who was, at the time, the Society's secretary wrote a history of the WDMS. This consisted of two typescript copies.

To disseminate and celebrate our long history, in 1994 Dr. John J. Massarelli, a past president of the Society, edited the typescript from which we published the History of the Society 1795-1954 as a bound book.

Subsequently, Dr. Massarelli took it upon himself to extend our written history up to our 200th anniversary year by authoring the follow up history of 1954-1994. Of some interest, the original title was "A Fraternity of Physicians" but upon reflection and especially in view of chapter 25 the title was changed and the book was published in 1995 as "A Community of Physicians".

A special thank you to Dr. Peter Schneider for his tireless efforts in reproducing our history online.

Click  to view the books:

WDMS History 1794-1954 Bergin

WDMS History 1954-1994 Massarelli

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