WDMS Alliance

The Worcester District Medical Society Alliance (WDMSA), founded in 1948, is an organization committed to the health and wellbeing of our community.  The WDMSA has a longstanding history of collaboration with the Worcester District Medical Society (WDMS) in pioneering health initiatives. Since 1959, the WDMSA Nursing Scholarship Program has awarded over 160 scholarships. Our efforts have included participation in a poliomyelitis immunization program in 1963 and assisting in the implementation of sex education and bullying prevention programs.  In 1997 our public health efforts continued with designing an immunization magnet board in English, Spanish and Vietnamese that was distributed to new mothers and increased childhood immunization.  The WDMSA has supported outreach programs, health fairs and has collaborated with the WDMS, the Worcester Department of Public Health, and the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) establishing an influenza immunization project.  In 2005, the WDMSA piloted the Pedometer Research Project in partnership with the Elm Park Community School. Public policy efforts continued as community partners in Mass in Motion and Active Living Policy Council. In celebration of Food Day, healthy, local foods were prepared and interactively served at the Belmont Street School with discussion of the health benefits of all the ingredients used. 

In 2015 the WDMSA were recipients of the Thomas Jefferson Award in recognition of their outstanding volunteerism and public service at the Belmont Street School in Worcester.

The MMSA hosted the Northeast Regional Conference – “Recognizing Burnout in the Medical Profession: Intervention and Prevention”. 

Opportunities are provided for training and CPR certification classes for our members. The WDMSA and MMSA continue to honor physicians in celebration of  Doctor’s Day.

WDMS Alliance Board 2017-2018
  Elisa Chan, Immediate Past President
Paula Madison, MMSA Past President
Usha Upadhyay, Treasurer
Maureen Zacharia, Secretary


The Alliance focuses its efforts on three major areas:


Health Promotion

  • Ongoing collaboration as an active partner in planning for National Food Day, October 24th, www.foodday.org.

  • Health Fairs: A vast array of literature is provided and available for special order.  Massachusetts Medical Society Alliance  MMSA Order Form

  • Our “Soapy” costume is available to teach preschool children the importance of hand washing to prevent the spread of germs/illnesses.



  • Legislative Advocacy is encouraged. Become informed about legislative issues of concern to the medical community and educate those around you.

Family of Medicine

  • Doctor’s Day is a national day of recognition. We celebrate by recognizing the contributions of physicians on March 30th.

  • Open your doors and host a medical student, resident or fellow in your home during their interviews.

  • We serve as WDMS and MMS Committee Liaisons, representing the Alliance as voting members of Worcester District Medial Society and Massachusetts Medical Society committees.

  • Social activities abound with book clubs, local speakers and participation in events with the WDMS.

  • Friendships are formed as we work together for a common cause: our commitment to advancing the health and wellbeing of our community.

  WDMS/WDMSA Movie Nights at Mechanics Hall



Contact us: wdmsalliance@massmed.org
Learn More: Visit the Massachusetts Medical Society Alliance